Why Copper Products you ask? The answer is simple. Copper is a hygienic metal that protects permanently, giving you peace of mind.

Copper has a halo effect which makes it even more of a Super-Hero Metal! The halo effect of copper means that a small patch of copper on an item such as your phone has a disinfecting range of up to 50cm.

We create products that can be incorporated into your lifestyle, so as to create a healthy antibacterial living space. Our high-quality products, made of pure un-coated copper, have been designed to suite your lifestyle. Our products include protectors for items such as wallets, handbags, schoolbags and phones. Our range has been designed to allow you to rub, which in essence allows the metal to act as an electrical conductor,
you safe while looking fantastic at the same time!

Our range includes an Antimicrobial Copper Film, designed to stick to most surfaces. Antimicrobial copper is said to be the most effective touch surface material. We offer peace of mind in having this material readily available for you to introduce into your every-day life!


Disclaimer: Laboratory testing has shown solid copper surfaces to kill 99.9% of certain bacteria within 2 hours and Covid-19 within 4 hours*.   Copper surfaces should be used as a supplement to and not as a replacement for standard infection control practices.  Users of copper as an antimicrobial product must continue to follow all current infection control practices.

*New England Journal of Medicine