About Gone Viral

Gone Viral Copper came to life during the Covid_19 pandemic, when founder, Karen Ritchie’s husband went into hospital for a routine check-up and was diagnosed with a drug-resistant superbug and her life was suddenly consumed with searching for ways to eliminate superbug’s. With extensive research under her belt, Gone Viral Copper was born. Meet the team that is creating awareness about copper and how it acts to kill viruses and bacteria.

Karen Ritchie
I have spent the last 30 years in the safari industry in Africa and come from a long line of natural healers. My mother and sister have worked in natural health since I was a child and so I have grown up looking for natural remedies whenever possible. Recently my husband went for a routine operation in a private hospital where he contracted a drug-resistant ‘superbug’ – Klebsiella pneumoniae. It turned to septicemia and he was gravely ill. This resulted in him spending 3 weeks in high care on a brutal regime of intravenous antibiotics. It was during this time that I started doing research for natural remedies and found volumes of online research that prove that copper surfaces can kill these ‘superbugs’ and viruses on contact in a very short space of time. It did not make sense to me that hospitals continued the use of stainless steel when this was proven to harbour the same bacteria that almost killed my husband. I decided that it was time to take copper mainstream in South Africa and start to educate people on its miraculous antimicrobial properties and so Gone Viral was born!
Kim Hobson
With the onset of Covid-19 my business providing trophies, medals, corporate gifts, and clothing was hit really hard. We quickly adapted and starting manufacturing and supplying PPE for our existing clients. Face Shields, masks, screen protectors, and various sanitising products replaced our product range overnight. I was then approached by Karen for assistance in developing a range of Antimicrobial Copper products. Growing up in a family that always looked for natural remedies, I was eager to start working on ideas for the copper range. I had never heard of the amazing antimicrobial properties of copper before, but after a lot of in-depth research, I knew we had discovered something that was so exciting! Having been actively involved in the corporate world for many years, the idea of a simple but effective solution to infection prevention got my entrepreneurial juices flowing. I was immediately on board and decided to join Karen in this venture. We cannot wait to share our products with you!