Copper Cares

Kindness really matters

We call the Dinokeng Big Five Game Reserve home. Our motto has been, and always will be “kindness really matters". We do not see giving back as corporate responsibility, but rather a way of life.

We are both very active in our local community and supporting our anti-poaching team in the game reserve.  Over the past few years in our private capacity, we have raised over R1 million to assist our anti-poaching team to keep our wildlife safe. Recently during the COVID-19 pandemic, we managed to put together an initiative that provided over 600 food packs to our local community.

When we decided to start this exciting new venture it was important to both of us that we try to tie in helping others while we grow. We have identified two projects and we will put aside R5 from every online sale we make towards supporting these initiatives.

Pat Rico Community Care Centre

Pat Rico is a nursing care centre for the elderly and frail.  It cares for mentally and/or physically handicapped, aged, or persons in need of specialised nursing care.  It is run by an absolute angel!

While delivering food parcels to this facility we saw that this centre has land that can easily be developed into a thriving food garden.  The old adage of “give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or teach him to fish and feed him for life" took hold. Not only could a community garden feed the residents, but if developed properly and training given, could provide fresh vegetables to all the local lodges and hotels, thereby creating an income to run the facility. At present, they have a small garden, but we are hoping that with this initiative, we can take it to new heights and eventually look at an aquaponic farm – a passion Karen has had for years!

Pat Rico Community Care Centre

Dinokeng Big Five Game Reserve Anti-Poaching Unit

Anti-poaching unit

This has been an ongoing project for both Karen and Kim over the past few years. What started as a birthday wish from Kim, turned into a huge fundraising drive that has us begging friends and family each year to support us!  With funds raised to date, we have purchased a vehicle, a tracker dog, uniforms, camera traps, firearms, and ammunition and we feed the horses used by the mounted guards.

The Anti-poaching unit is under constant pressure to keep our precious wildlife safe. Poaching has increased dramatically over the past few months and we need to equip our teams to meet this head-on by increasing the size of the unit and replacing old vehicles and equipment. Our incredible team leader, Tim Higgs, recently made headlines on Sky News showing the plight of this team against a relentless onslaught and so we had to include this as part of our copper cares initiative!