Moscow Mule – A Coppery Brew

Moscow Mule – A Coppery Brew

We introduce to you the Moscow Mule. It’s been said that necessity is the mother of invention. The year? 1941. 

Jack Morgan, the owner of the Cock ‘n Bull pub in Hollywood, California USA brewed Ginger Beer…but the public preferred Ginger Ale.  John Martin bought the US rights to Smirnoff Vodka…the public preferred their usual brown spirits like Bourbon.  Russian immigrant Sophie Berenzinski had brought with her over 2000 handcrafted copper mugs…but the public just weren’t interested in such an unusual design.

On a hot summer’s day two very discouraged salespeople sat down at the Cock ‘n Bull and after a few drinks started telling the barman their woes (as you do).  He in turn shared his.

So you have a man with vodka he can’t sell, a man with a soda nobody wants and a woman with a copper cup she can’t give away. It was the perfect storm and from this arose a drink called “The Moscow Mule”.  Beautiful to look at and absolutely delicious in its frosty copper cup.

The Moscow Mule in its Coppery Glory

Which brings us to the year 2020.  This retro drink is back on the cocktail radar and is rapidly growing in popularity across the global bar scene. Copper mugs are no longer an oddity and are surging in demand. If you’ve never introduced a Moscow Mule to your taste buds you are in for a rare treat – get ready to meet your new favourite cocktail!

How To Make a Moscow Mule:

Ingredients: 50ml vodka, 12.5ml lime juice, 120ml ginger beer, 1 dash bitters

Preparation: Combine vodka & ginger beer in a copper mug filled with ice. Add lime juice. Stir gently & garnish with a lime slice.

Served: On the rocks; poured over ice.

Drinkware: Copper mug or highball glass

Standard garnish: Lime slice

But Why Copper?

Firstly, copper is an incredibly efficient conductor which keeps it ice-cold.  Secondly, copper is antimicrobial – the New England Journal of Medicine has recently found that it can kill superbugs such as MRSA & Klebsiella within minutes & COVID-19 within 4 hours.  Now we’re not suggesting that you drink Moscow Mules for 4 hours, that would be irresponsible. But then again – SCIENCE!

And the Name?

Pub historians aren’t entirely sure – Moscow is undoubtedly a nod to it’s Russian roots, but Mule? Some say that Jack’s ginger was particularly pungent and that it ‘kicked like a mule’.  Others say that the 1940’s version had a lot more vodka and the ‘kick’ was more alcoholic in nature!  Either way the Moscow Mule is absolutely delicious on a warm Summer’s day. If you’re like me and don’t have any copper mugs on hand we found these amazing mugs at Beaumont’s and a wide range of solid copper mugs to suit your budget are listed here.